The 12 Days of Christmas Kit
The 12 Days of Christmas Kit

The 12 Days of Christmas Kit

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Sharing the magical spirit of the holiday season with a chosen family may be the best gift you can ever give to someone, and to yourself as well. You become a Secret Friend to share your holiday joy to someone you know.  This 12 Days of Christmas Kit provides the exciting opportunity to spread Christmas magic, while removing all of the stressful shopping and planning. The 12 pre-packaged, pre-labeled gifts are all included in this kit. The only difficult task is choosing which family you wish to shower with holiday joy!

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  • Day 1 - One Partridge In A Pear Tree
  • Day 2 - Two Dove Chocolates
  • Day 3 - Three Candy Canes
  • Day 4 - Four Dimes
  • Day 5 - Five Golden Rings
  • Day 6 - *See Below
  • Day 7 - Seven Sticks Of Gum
  • Day 8 - Eight Christmas Straws (*Also See Below)
  • Day 9 - Nine Hershey Kisses
  • Day 10 - Ten Golden Bells
  • Day 11 - Eleven Chocolate Santas 
  • Day 12 - *See Below

*There are 2 perishable items that need to be added: Day 6 (Six Eggs) & Day 8 (Small Carton of Milk). On Day 12/Reveal Day, a Christmas treat of some kind is suggested.

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